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David Bowie - Starman
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Starman- David Bowie

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After Every Party I Die - IAMX | stageit, live acoustic session

there’s something that you think you need
trying your best to sleep at cocaine speed
so watch as i start to smile

Of Monsters and Men - Kids (MGMT cover)
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Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir (vocals) and Brynjar Liefsson (guitar) cover MGMT’s Kids

Gerard Way - No Shows 👽
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Gerard Way premiered a brand new song titled "No Shows" earlier today (August 18th) on BBC Radio One.

The track is taken from the former My Chemical Romance frontman’s debut solo album Hesitant Alien that drops September 30th via Warner Bros Records.

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
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Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
So if you’re lonely
You know I’m here waiting for you
I’m just a crosshair
I’m just a shot away from you

澤野 弘之 - Blumenkranz
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I have been listening to this for the last hour on repeat I think it’s time I actually watch Kill la Kill

Nicki Minaj - I Endorse These Strippers
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I Endorse These Strippers | Nicki Minaj

Playing with my pussy, 
I am just that bored ~
I mean we could’ve went shopping
But what could you afford?


This Slowpoke reggae song ⊟

Yeah, maybe you’ve seen it already, but I hadn’t, and I didn’t want anyone else to miss it. This is what the Pokemon Company is up to right now.

PREORDER Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, upcoming games
Studio Killers - When We Were Lovers
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When We Were Lovers

Crystal Castles - Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)
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Crystal Castles - Not In Love (Ft. Robert Smith)
"And we were lovers, now we can’t be friends"